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Security Safeguards

Application Design

From the first white board design, technology selection, programming techniques, security has been our utmost concern and commitment to our users.

Data Security

Each billAnywhere client has their own data file once their account is created. Each of our client's data remains stored separately from other clients and never shared nore can it be accessed by other clients.

Credit Card Information

Any credit card information submitted via billAnywhere is secured by industry standard and proprietary measures. billAnywhere and its subscribers do not store credit card information unless the billAnywhere subscribers enter credit card information in the users account notes; in all other cases financial institutions (like PayPal, Authorize.net and PSiGate) have the sole and complete responsibility for the storage of credit card information.

Firewall Security

The billAnywhere application including your data are secured behind firewalls which are monitored 24 hours per day by security specialists ensuring no one is accessing our servers that is not supposed to be.

Security Patching

Our security specialists pays close attention to emerging internet security threats and apply patches to our servers as required to further ensure the security of your data.

SSL Security

All information sent to and from our servers is encrypted with 256-bit encryption.


Our network is five times redundant and possesses its own preliminary Intrusion Detection System (IDS).


Biometric surveillance, robust fire suppression, multiple power sources and carefully monitored climate control are just a few of the features that protect the servers that store your data.